Before Death Comes

Death is always there,

Always waiting,

Wrecking lives,

The ones that loved them,

And the family left behind,

Can’t stop it,

So embrace yourself,

Before the day death comes for you,

Live the life,

You’ve set for yourself,

Enjoy life,

And those around,

Because death is a bitch,

That wrecks everyone around them.


Blood Dragon Clan – Sample

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Note: First Run through.


Lying down in the middle of the Sahara Desert looking at the nine’s hideout; former associates.

Why are we doing this?

What has the nine got themselves into?

In the beginning, I asked myself these questions and continue to while my brother and I was doing recon on their hideout. My brother concentrating through the scope of newly acquired barrett. Excited I saw my brother’s face lit up when it first arrived like a kid opening Christmas presents he tore into the package. Lifted it up out of the package and pressed the trigger while I was in front of the barrel. The click of the trigger scared Jesus out of me even though it was unloaded. I wish he wouldn’t do that but lately he’s building up his arsenal of guns at our base. He’ll have a gun for every occasion when we do jobs for our clients.

The black market.

No rules to follow, large amounts of money and endless mystery. Rick and I tried to make our mark in society but rules always got in the way. We both hated taxes since governments only invested in foreign countries while it’s people can’t afford a bag of chips; insanity. It didn’t help that local officials, businessmen and the police were just as corrupt of those in government. To stand against those bastards, Rick and I took a stand against them and went our own way. Not follow their rules and interests we have become two people that multiple governments wish to murder. For years, we have held our ground against them and not giving any in return. We take for profits, we kill for profits, we game for profits. That is us, we are the Potts.


In the scope, its where I live. I don’t like hiding behind computers, calculations, books, paper or pencils. Only tactics and bullets, is the way I live. As my brother, Roger, looks in his binoculars beside me looking for the one they call Kane I recon through the scope of my military grade Barrett; I wouldn’t have it any other way. Point to the target in my cross hairs, pull the trigger and watch the mayhem. Wonderful chaos.

Bullets splitting skulls are a work of art.

Swords and bullets dissecting people from limbs they have used to abuse others.

Blood, death and honor is a code I can live with.

Through the scope, it’s my code.

In life, it’s my code.

I don’t care about the things of this world; only my code. It has helped me live all these years in the black market and I don’t intend to put it to rest. My code of honor has pushed the limits I once imposed on myself. It has made me focused, ruthless and accomplished in everything I do.

“Wind speed four kilometers per hour. Description fitting our target is located on the hideout to the east close to Wolf who is distracted at the moment.”

Roger is my spotter. I wish he was more like me when it came to guns but we need someone to know technology. I don’t know if we could gather the quality intel he acquires with both of us living by my code. Therefore, his skills make us the perfect pair. We complement each other. Listening to him, I guided my scope to the target which our client said is Kane. Mohawk, wears a vest, face paint colors black and white, muscular build and a desert eagle in the left holster; this is Kane. The description from the client is perfect.

“You can take the target out. I’ll watch Wolf.”

Wolf. The one person we hoped to avoid during this mission. Our last encounter with Wolf was a year ago before she joined the nine. A sniper that lives by the same code as me and just as deadly as I am behind the scope. She has become my rival and the nine recognized her skills and they recruited her. Another fact that makes this job risky is that we were once members of the nine before breaking away. Our relationship is already tense as it is already. Knowing these facts, we know we couldn’t have an open war against them. They out number us and have more firepower.

“Anytime now. Wolf is still distracted. Take the shot so we can go unnoticed.”

My brother is right. The time is now. I put all my focus into the scope of the barrett tracking Kane while he keeps an eye on Wolf. At the moment, Kane is stationary. At close range this would make him the perfect target but we are fifteen hundred meters away. I’m going to get one shot … Whoa.

“Is that a kerosene barrel about fifty meters to the west of Wolf?”


I quickly turned the binoculars west to see if it’s a kerosene barrel to find out that its true.

“Change of plans. Instead of one there will be two shots. One going for Kane and the other one aim at the barrel.” I said.

Rick pointing out the barrels should make our escape more covert then risky.

“Shoot when ready.”

“Ready.” Rick said.

Our cover was all we had. It consisted of an out of commission motorcycle while used a cover the color of sand. I ducked and prepared myself for what is coming. Rick is focused, with a plan and that is all it took. As I prepared my cover, Rick fired the first bullet and a second later the second bullet left the chamber. It was time to be covert.


I don’t understand these people. As a sniper, I must be ready for anything at any time. With Granger currently out, Lance is in command until he gets back. Everything has been relaxed until Kane showed up on top. Lance and Kane have become best friends this past year. They are always making jokes, making everyone laugh and relax more. I can’t say I don’t appreciate it.

Before I became a member of the nine, my prior team died from an attack by professionals. The attack lasted less than a minute but killed everyone except me. I’m reminded of the attack each time I look into the mirror. A depth of a fourth of inch and four inches in length on the left side of my face is a constant reminder of how close I was to death. The blade that penetrated my back and through my stomach missed all vital organs but I lost a lot of blood; too much. I blacked out and found myself in the nine’s medical bay being treated for my wounds.

I knew the deal if I came out alive.

I would have to join them.

With my team killed, it’s in my best interest to join them. I can’t deny I needed the help. What baffles me is the attack on my squad; it was fast. To this day, I can’t fully make out who was there. I don’t remember seeing anyone’s face. No explosion or guns, only swords, speed and darkness. Whoever they were they knew how to use these elements to their advantage. My team didn’t have a chance to react accordingly. That is my past.

So, the nine is now my team. I looked up at Kane and Lance as they acted silly. I could do nothing else but close my eyes and laugh at them tilting my head in the air.

…….. “OH MY GOD!” I heard suddenly.

I looked in the direction of Kane to see him falling back towards me in two pieces; head shot by sniper’s bullet resulted in an instant death. I knew if the sniper had proper intel on us, they would know about me and I would be their second target but before I could react to the first sniper bullet. I caught a glimpse of the second bullet before it penetrated the kerosene barrels. I clutched on the barrett I held in my hands.

An explosion.

The explosion threw me ten meters further away. Hitting the ground, banging my head I kept my composure. I had to look in my scope and see where these bullets came from. In pain, I ran for cover and immediately position myself to look out, not concentrating on Kane and Hunters deaths. Hunter was getting some kerosene to fill up a backup generator before being blown to pieces. His body was blown off the top and no telling where everything fell. Lance is pissed. First his friend died and then Hunter, Lance is emotionally compromised and thinking more of revenge instead of a clear head.  I know what is going to happen but me I stared into my scope; tracking the bullet. The explosion gave the sniper time to go for cover. As I scanned the area, I found nothing.

“KANE!!!” I heard to my right.

Lance lost it.


“Roger, we must leave.” I said.

“I agree.” As he glanced at me.

“We must be very careful to avoid any detection. We heard Lance scream all the way here. So, he’s out for blood. I also didn’t see Granger so I’m betting he’s in charge.”

“We must move. Lance is emotional and dangerously reckless when he’s mad.”

I nodded in agreement. My encounters with Lance ended with one of us in a bloody mess when we were members of the nine. Those were the days we had nothing to do and Lance wanted to be the boss. He couldn’t stand Granger picking Roger as his second in command but the team knew why Lance wasn’t chosen.

Roger went towards exiting our cover when he touched a barrel and it fell down.

“Shit” he whispered.

I knew if Wolf was looking down their scope they’ll notice the barrel falling.


A few seconds later, I heard a bullet pass the top of my cover and into the barrel Roger touched. Our cover was blown.


“Movement! Fifteen hundred meters away!” I said loudly after firing a bullet in the direction of the moving barrel.

It’s all business now since Kane’s death.

“What direction?” said Lance.

His recovery from watching Kane die is put on hold. Someone has enough balls to attack the nine. As a unit, we don’t stand for this. We’ve are for team for hire in the black market and we do have honor. The day honor is thrown off the table is the day we are to be feared.

This is that time.

“Southwest! By the abandon barrels of oil.”

Clever bastards. There is a twenty foot drop about ten feet from their position; not only that I can’t see them. I knew this wasn’t personal, this was professionally handled.

“They are covered well. I saw the barrel move but no bodies there.”

“How in the hell is that possible!?” replied Lance.

This raised my suspicious about who this can be. Whoever this person was they have scouted us. They knew who we were, where we were and how we operate. I’m the newest member to the team and only been on one job a month ago. I was injured when Kane joined a month later therefore they knew I was here.

“I don’t know sir. I’m only saying this because whoever they are, they must know about us.”


“This plan. They must have been out there for a while. Watching us while we sat up here. They must have known about me. That second bullet must have covered their tracks.”

“That does make sense. We haven’t been shot at again.” Lance looks above his cover. After a few moments, he stands all the way up.

No shots fired.

“Get the hogs. We have some investigating to do.” said Lance as he turned to look at Kane’s body.

“Hightower. Put Kane’s body in a bag and in storage. We’ll have to go find Hunters’ body after investigating.” He started harder at Kane.

“The price is a pound of blood of the bastard that did this to you.”


After the first shot, Rick and I got to the drop and went down as fast as we could. At the end was our four wheelers. We hoped the blast would make them cautious about an all-out assault and it worked. I planned this out perfectly.

We were a few minutes into riding the four wheelers to Crazy Z, the pilot we hired for transportation. I was full of pride. I outsmarted the nine at their own hideout. Not one person alive can say they have done this.

Out planned.

Out executed.

Add it to my resume of jobs well done, this could be my finest piece. However, I knew we must flew as fast as possible. Regardless of how well things went for us, they are the nine. Knowing those bastards as well as I do, they are already where Wolf shot at me.

I hope they don’t find out who we are.


After a few minutes out, I saw Crazy Z waiting on us at his helicopter. Even though this is business, my feelings are twisted. Twisted in a sense that I thought the love of my life was dead over a year ago. Only to hear that they are alive and well. I’m known to be ice cold but I almost couldn’t hide my feelings away from my brother Roger. He doesn’t know I had a lover that he didn’t know about and that is how it must be. There will be a time for use to finally be together and come out of hiding.

However, it’s not that time.




When The Pen Stops

Things didn’t go as planned,

no encouragement to continue.

I pour my heart into the paper,

to finish my script.

Only to release a piece,

that doesn’t sale quite so hot.

I look at the pen and paper,

where I put it all down.

To find my desire to write,

is no longer apart of my heart.

I’ve put so much time,

into writing a piece.

That my heart is torn apart,

along with my desire to write.

So I pick up the pieces,

of my broken heart.

To find the pen has stopped,

with no heart to write.