Neigborhood Mentality

Born in the neighborhood,

Where guns reign,

The streets desires my attendance,

But I deny it,

I walked a different path,

A path that got me out of the neighborhood,

A nice house,

A nice neighborhood,

Thought I escaped,

No, the problems still exist,


I thought I ran away from this,

Same problems,


Then it clicked,

The neighborhood mentality,

Never left me.


When A Shadow Looks Back

I’ve lurked among the shadows,

Because I wanted to,

I wouldn’t have it any other way,

Lurked in the shadows I learned a lot about people,

No stalking, just watched and listen when they came near,

All the gossip, all the mischief,

I know it all,

As I confess to this I hated it in the end,

I couldn’t talk or assoicate myself with them,

I didn’t like who they were,

I couldn’t love them the way I wanted to be loved,

So I walked away and never return,

I wish I never did it,

But after a few years,

I see why I walked,

I’m glad I walked away,

When Failure Comes

Don’t allow failure to determine you,

The successful have ups and downs,

What makes them different is that they don’t stop,

They continue even though they failed,

They continue to push forward,

Even when others are cheering them on to quit,

They refuse to quit, become unpopular,

Some people gossip about how stupid they are,

They keep moving on,

Those that are successful don’t do what the quitters do,

And that is giving up on the themselves.

Dream Chasing

I’m going to complain,

I’m giving up,

I’ll do it later,

Maybe tomorrow,


When you’re pursuing a dream,

These attitudes and those like them,

Are your enemies,

It’s too hard,

I don’t have the talent,

I can’t do it,

Don’t start this mess,

You’re pursuing a dream,

It’s not easy,

This is where it counts,

Keep pursing,

Stop giving yourself excuses,

Put in the work,

Learn the trade,

Keep learning to build yourself up,

Make a better you.


I’m a dreamer,

I dream to be successful,

I dream to live,

It’s just a dream,

To achieve the dream,

I must work,

I will lose friends & family,

I will make others uncomfortable,

I’m not arrogant,

I’m doing what others won’t do for themselves,

I’m pursuing a dream,

A dream that requires work,

Only I can see the outcome,

Therefore I will work,

To achieve a dream,

Only I can achieve.


My eyes are heavy,

I want to sleep,

I cant,

Not right now,

My mind won’t allow it,

So I think,

Important matters,

Not important,

Keeps me awake,

I’m worried,

I’m awake because of an uncertainty in the future,

Something I’m unprepared for,

But it must happen,

So I worry,

Not because it’ll happen,

Not because I know,

I worry because of the outcome,

And the uncertainty it brings.